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Ratho Repack

The SHPF ran the ‘Ratho Repack’ event at the EICA, Ratho, Edinburgh, from 2005 until 2016. Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots could dynamically deploy their reserve parachutes on the world class zip line before repacking them in one of the large function rooms within the complex.

Development of the climbing facilities at the EICA means that we can no longer set up the zip line there. We are seeking an alternative venue that can accommodate a zip line. If you have any suggestions please contact the committee by email at: committee AT

Deployment videos from 2014, 2015 and 2016 are available online.

Repack FAQ

Ratho zip line

Will someone repack my reserve parachute for me?

No, the idea is for pilots to deploy their reserve parachute and then repack it themselves.Pilots who have never repacked a reserve before, or are not very experienced, should approach an experienced repacker for assistance.

If you have an unusual reserve it may be that no one present at the repack event has the knowledge or experience to repack it. Pilots who are not comfortable repacking their own reserve should check that someone is available to assist them before deploying their reserve. If no one is available consider sending the reserve to a licensed repacker.

Some reserves cannot be packed without special equipment. Pilots should read their reserve parachute manual and bring along any special equipment required to repack their reserve.

What do I need to bring?

For the reserve deployment you will need your harness and reserve parachute, flying helmet and gloves. You should also bring warm clothing, it can get very cold in the climbing arena. For the reserve repack you should bring the Owners Manual for your reserve parachute. No. 8 and No. 12 rubber bands, which are the most commonly used, will be available free of charge at the event. If you need other sizes of rubber bands then please bring your own.

Is the event only open to SHPF members?

No, the event is open to all hang glider and paraglider pilots.

How do I know if I am a member of the SHPF?

If you are a member of an SHPF affiliated club you automatically become a member of the SHPF. If you are not in one of the listed clubs then you are not a member of the SHPF.

How long is the zip line?

The start of the zip line is about 30m above the arena floor and the line is approximately 58m long.

Does the SHPF make a profit on the event?

No, the event is heavily subsidised by the SHPF with support from SportScotland.

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