Scottish Nationals Competition

As of 2023 the Scottish Nationals are being run using a different set-up to the traditional weekends run by each club. Instead there are a number of tasks that can be flown throughout the year, with pilots accumulating points for any tasks attempted. The winner will be the pilot with the highest score at the end of the season (31st October).

Each of the 5 Scottish clubs has 2 home tasks, therefore 10 tasks, and there is an extra one along the Ochils.
Scoring is 1000 points for completing the task and a straight percentage for a non-completed task (ie 500 points for getting halfway).

A 10% bonus is available for attempting / completing a task set by a club that is not the pilot’s main SHPF club, again as a percentage of the distance of the task flown. This is to encourage travelling to fly with other clubs. There is no bonus for the Ochils task.

Tasks can be flown multiple times, with the best flight for each task counting for the pilot’s final total.

Only weekend flights will be scored (Saturdays and Sundays) but you can obviously practice on other days.

The Nationals will run from 01/04/2023 through to 31/10/2023. While I am a bit late getting this out, if anybody has accidentally done all or part of a task today then they can enter the flight as I’m the only one who knows all the tasks and that the competition is open, and I’m not flying today.

The tasks do not need to be declared in the pilot’s instrument for the Nationals. Your track log needs to be an igc file and will score as long as there is a track point within the cylinder around the start point and you fly along the route. A track point is then also needed in any subsequent turn-point or end cylinder to score to that point.

The flights need to comply with the UK XC League rules, i.e. keeping clear of any airspace that you are not allowed to fly in. If you wish to score a declared flight in the XC League then you will need to enter into your instrument the start point, the turn point for the out and return tasks, and the end point. The 400m radius circles are for the declaration and you need to have a track log point in any of the circles around the turn points. Note that XC League multipliers are not applied for the Nationals as the scores are points-based on a completed task. You can however get them if you enter the flight into the XC League.

Pilots should check with the local clubs before flying in case there are site restrictions, such as lambing or nesting birds.

The Tasks

Tasks and flights can be found on the Scottish Nationals 2023 event on

Click on the task and you can download files to put in your GPS or upload your flight igc file. For the Nationals you do not need to have the route in your instrument as a declaration, though it will help with navigation.

The tasks are:

  • AHPC: Morrone to Aboyne (40km)
  • AHPC: Tap O Noth to Cullen (38km) (the club has offered to pay for the ice cream of anybody who makes it to Cullen and buys one there)
  • Highland: Five Sisters out and return, from above the Cluanie Inn, along to near Shiel Bridge and back (26km)
  • Highland: Creag Meagaidh to Kingussie (32km)
  • SMPC: White Corries to Crianlarich (30km)
  • SMPC: Aberfoyle to Killin (32km)
  • LLSC: Broughton to Stow (34km)
  • LLSC: Tinto to Moffat (33km)
  • Wingbeat: Cacra to Peebles (24km)
  • Wingbeat: Newark Hill to Kelso (33km)
  • Ochils: Out and return from Dumyat to Yetts o Muckhart and back to Dumyat (35km)

I hope everyone has fun with this and see you on the hills.

Matt Church

SHPF Nationals Coordinator