Club Web Hosting

In order to reduce costs for our clubs and members we offer free web hosting and email forwarding. Whether your club already has a website, or doesn’t have anyone who can help make one, please get in touch with us to see if we can help you.

How does it work?

One of our members has a web hosting account with plenty space to fit the typically-small websites that clubs have. It’s Linux/PHP/MariaDB hosting, which should help you determine whether your site could be moved over. For clubs that don’t have their own website, we can set up a WordPress site, which doesn’t require a computing degree to add some pages and pictures to.

We also have an email forwarding account which lets us create generic email addresses that forward on to the private accounts of committee members (e.g. chairman @ This is handy for privacy, but also continuity when a position is taken over by a different member. You can take advantage of our email forwarding separately from our web hosting if, for example, you have web hosting but it doesn’t include email.

What costs are there?

The starting point for both web hosting and email is a domain name (e.g. our one is You (the club) still need to pay for your domain name (typically less than £10/year).

The web hosting and email forwarding we have is completely free for our clubs to use.