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Ratho Repack 2016: Deployments Video

  • Tue 02/02/2016 @ 10:53 CET

2016 was one of the busiest repacks ever, with 65 pilots making 106 deployments on the zip line. The video from the 2016 Ratho Repack is now available: click here to watch on Vimeo.

Click here for more details and links to individual deployments.

Apologies to anyone who was not caught on video; 15 deployments shortly after lunch were missed out because the camera battery ran out.

There were three malfunctions due to mouthlocks failing to release, plus one that streamed out, but did not inflate; this would probably have opened if thrown in anger. One reserve was not connected to the harness, but this was because it was a tandem reserve and the spreaders had been removed before using the zip line.

A big thank you to all who helped out on the day, and particularly to Bill Morris and the EICA: Ratho team for their non-stop hard work.

Individual Deployments

Nicky Atkinson [1st] [2nd]
Nigel Barker [1st] [2nd]
Alastair Bowman [1st]
Mark Bradley [1st] [2nd]
Kieran Campbell [1st] [2nd]
Tony Campbell [1st] [2nd]
Simon Chu [1st] [2nd] [3rd]
Alan Coffin [1st] [2nd] [3rd]
Sandy Cooper [1st] [2nd]
Gordon Coulthard [1st]
Neil Craig [1st] [2nd]
Glenn Crosbie [1st] [2nd]
Sandor Czettner [1st]
Bertie Davel [1st]
Emma Davel [1st]
Sean Elder [1st]
Sergio Escobar [1st] [2nd]
Ali Guthrie [1st] [2nd]
Tracey Guthrie [1st] [2nd]
Jim Howie [1st] [2nd]
Ian Kennedy [1st]
Lennert Koch [1st] [2nd]
Warwick Lister-Kaye [1st]
Przemek Marek [1st] [2nd]
Luis Martinez [1st] [2nd] [3rd]
Scott Mather [1st]
Robert Matthews [1st]
Derek Mills [1st] [2nd]
Ian Miskin [1st]
Khaled Nassar [1st] [2nd]
James New [1st] [2nd] [3rd]
Gerald Nolan [1st] [2nd]
Pas Pallawela [1st] [2nd]
Alistair Pandelus [1st]
Stephen Pegler [1st]
James Pierce [1st]
Seb Rider [1st] [2nd]
Dave Robinson [1st]
Allan Rolland [1st]
Chris Sangwin [1st]
Garry Sinclair [1st] [2nd] [3rd]
Adrian Smith [1st] [2nd]
Gary Stenhouse [1st]
Gavin Stuart [1st]
Marcin Szulz [1st] [2nd]
Bart Taub [1st]
Robert Weir [1st] [2nd] [3rd]
Kev Will [1st]
Stephen Wisdom [1st] [2nd]
Tina Wood [1st]
Martin Yarrow [1st]
Stu Yarrow [1st]
Andy Younie [1st]
Manuel Zeller [1st] [2nd]
Aylwyn (Tina's kit) [1st]
??? ??? [1st]