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SHPF Nationals Series 2015 - Task and Scoring Guidance (draft for comment)

  • Tue 18/08/2015 @ 15:20 CEST

Draft guidelines for scoring Scottish Nationals series events.


  • Provide a simple and clear scoring system
  • Scoring system should not require using GPS tracklogs
  • Where applicable, a handicap adjustment may be used to even out the scores for higher rated gliders

Scoring options

Typically SHPF Nationals tasks are of the 2 types, depending on the weather on the given weekend:

  • a thermic, XC day: tasks set are usually open distance or goal flights, or
  • a ridge soaring day: tasks set are typically ridge runs with multiple turnpoints.

XC flights

Tasks will be set on the day, depending on the likely met conditions. Each day’s task is scored at 1000 points max. The tasks are scored based on the open distance or distance to goal. For open distance, the pilot with longest flight (distance from take-off to landing or goal) gets 1000 points; all the remaining pilots are scored based on their distance, as a proportion of the 1000 points, e.g.:

  • Top pilot flew 20km = 1000 points,
  • Second pilot flew 15km = 15/20*1000 = 750 points,
  • Third pilot flew 8km = 8/20*1000 = 400 points, and so on.

Distance from start to finish will be based on:

  • Pilot’s GPS tracklog if available, or
  • Approximate take-off location (single point on the hill for all pilots without GPS tracklogs) to the approximate landing location.

Ridge soaring flights

Tasks will be set on the day, depending on the likely met conditions. Ridge runs with a number of turnpoints (e.g. end of the ridge, special features of the ridge, next hill) will be specified with a set number of points for each turnpoint. Depending on the day, the maximum score for the task should be set between 500 and 1000 points. Rules on how to score a turnpoint should be set on the day as they may be specific to the site (e.g. whether to fly over it or just in front / windward side of it).

Other rules

Each round of SHPF Nationals should have a task setter who is nominated by the hosting club, but who need not be a member of the hosting club. The SHPF nationals series coordinator will have the final say on scoring and validation of flights/distances.

(Many thanks to Przemek Marek for putting together this draft.)