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Covid-19: A Route Back to Flying

  • Sat 30/05/2020 @ 08:14 CEST

Following the First Minister's announcement today, here is the SHPF's guidance document aimed at getting pilots back to flying, where possible, safely and within the government regulations. This has been prepared in collaboration with the Scottish Government and, after quite a bit of editing, has been officially approved by them this morning. We are grateful to Sport Scotland in helping us achieve this official approval for our sports.

There is a lot of detail in the document. The key messages are:

*Lockdown phase 1 starts from tomorrow - 29th May.

*'Exercise' will be allowed reasonably close to your home - advice is circa 5 miles. This will include ground handling and local flying for those who can reach a launch.

*XC (landing out), acro, aerotow and winch operations are not allowed. Tandems within the same household only.

*All travel and activity must take place with public health and safety as the foremost concern and the numerous appropriate measures explained in the document should be observed.


This is only the first step in getting us flying and obviously doesn't help those of us who do not live anywhere near a launch. However, to be able to get out and ground handle is a good step forward. We don't know when we will enter Phase 2 - when we can travel further to fly but the indications are that (as long as infection rates do not go up again) this could be in about a month.