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Ratho Repack 2019

  • Mon 03/12/2018 @ 21:40 CET

the SHPF Emergency Parachute System (EPS) repack event is going to be held at the EICA, Ratho on the 2nd of February 2019 from 09:30 until 18:00. Unfortunately the zip line won't be in operation due to the installation of a new climbing wall structure at Ratho. Hopefully a suitable venue, where a zip line can be set up, will be found for future events.

What you can expect:

  • Richard Bungay (UK Airsports/BHPA licensed packer) will be available to provide repacking assistance and advice on all things EPS.
  • Experienced repackers will be available to assist with repacking and fitting reserve parachutes.
  • 2 x harness hangers will be set up, which can can be used to set up paragliding harnesses.
  • Catch up and have a chat with your flying mates.

Pricing: SHPF members £15, non-members £20.

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